Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Asshole Opinion of the Day March 19th 2011

I feel bad, I really do. I should not rag on a mentally ill teenager who was murdered 30 years ago. I probably should not rag on Sid either although I cannot think of any reasons why not.  I can't help it though, my Asshole Opinion of the Day is about Sid and Nancy. Why in the hell are these two considered iconic? Why is their "love story" considered even remotely romantic or interesting? I realize that I am being a hypocrite because I am interested enoguh to spend a few minutes of my Saturday writing about them. Pretty much all I have to say is summed up in two points:
1. I think it is an insult to all musicians everywhere that the Sex Pistols are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
2. Take a bath.... JESUS
Exibit A- Needs a bath
Every picture I see of these two I want to don some gloves, grab my MR. Clean and jump into the picture..spray Sid and yell at Nancy "Take a shower girl!." Then I want to clean whatever sweaty sticky room they are sitting in and open a flipping window.
My point is they were not some sort of punk rock Romeo and Juliet. Romeo did not stab Juliet in the stomach with a hunting knife and then OD on heroin. They were just sad and very young. Self destruction is not cool. Being an asshole is not cool (unless it is me with my asshole opinion of the day, then it is VERY cool haha).  Perhaps I am old but I think instead of Sid and Nancy, we should remember what real cool is...

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  1. I love your opinion! Your sarcasm makes me laugh everytime!