Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Asshole Opinion of the Day! March 16th 2011

I have not written anything in my blog lately and have decided to start a new feature called "My Asshole Opinion of the Day." This idea came to me recently when I was thinking of some random ass "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy meets random crap" I wanted to post on Facebook but did not have the balls to actually do it. I realized that my little blog is the perfect place for posting this stuff. So here goes...
I don't get the big deal about natural remedies for illness and homeopathic medicine. I'm sorry but if I catch a GI virus that makes me puke for three days straight (for example) I am really not that interested in brewing some ginger tea. I want Zofran or something similar that was developed in a lab by really smart people for the sole purpose of making me not throw up. I want something tested in clinical trials and proven to make me not throw up. Period. I am sorry to say it (an here is where the asshole part of my "asshole opinion" come in) but there is a good reason that pharmaceutical companies are so wealthy and powerful, they make drugs that actually work. I don't agree with how they use their wealth and power a lot of the time but if I am sick I am going to take real medicine. Suck it hippies (ok, maybe that is a little too much)

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