Monday, August 23, 2010

What's Up Applesauce? (run on sentences beware!)

So it is 9:00 Monday morning and I have Stuff To Do Today. This time next week I will be sitting in a Fundamentals of Nursing lecture learning about infection control or something and I need to be ready. However, my errand running, appointment setting and course pre-reading can wait for a few because I am thinking about my little buppy-do.
My little Buppy-do is (of course) my son Ian and I love, LOVE his latest developmental phase. Toddlers are supposed to be mercurial little tantrum throwers- the "terrible twos" and yes, he certainly entered that sweepstakes, but there is so much more that is awesome about his "twos."
He is funny, creative, and boy does he love to talk! To be honset, I can't understand about half of what he says, but his words are getting clearer and his sentences are getting longer. His newfound communication skills improve daily, and he never fails to surprise and amuse the heck out of me.
The other day he came up to me and informed me that I was applesauce. I said "No, you're applesauce." He shook his head "YOU'RE applesauce!" 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's a blog?

Hmmm, what is a blog exactly? Is it like an extended status update? A public diary? A way for all of us aspiring writers to get published on our own terms? I honestly don't know. Today is my first post on my very own blog and I am looking forward to exploring the concept and finding out.
As far as who I am and what I am about? I am many things. A mother, a nursing student, an avid reader, a yard sale shopper, a cynic and a redhead. I like sincere people and I am a terrible speller. Nice to meet you.