Saturday, January 7, 2012

Words, words, words.....(the books are like candy edition)

One of my favorite things about being on break is that I get to read real non-nursing related books. Reading for fun...sigh. I love it and always have. This winter, thanks to the kindle lending library, I have really gone overboard. I spent hours going through the e-books available from the library and reserved a LOT of them. while I was waiting for the reserves to become available I started re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse series.
Oh yeah, nothing like trashy vampire books to make me realize that I am ON BREAK and have little to zero mental responsibilities. Love, love, love... Speaking of trashy vampire novels, I have also been introduced to Anita Blake as well.  I'm not addicted to that series but am happy to have found it.
I read the second to latest Dexter book too. It was OK but reading Jeff Lindsay is kind of kind having a conversation with someone with both obsessive tendencies AND extreme short term memory loss. His running gag is the dangerous traffic in Miami. It gets old. I feel like he doesn't read his own work because if he did, he would realize that he talks about Miami's asshole drivers every four paragraphs and maybe would just give it a rest for a couple of pages. My other problem is that in the Dexter book's universe bad childhood automatically seems to equal having a dark passenger. That's a bit too much suspension of belief. I guess I read the books because I love the show and Michael C. Hall is the hotness. And yes, I am being a raging hypocrite because as soon as the Double Dexter becomes available I am going to devour that sh*t like it was book candy.

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