Tuesday, January 10, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

For some reason I have an urge to make a list. Certainly not a list of "things to do" because that would be useful and require effort! Instead, I am going to make a list of some of my favorite things. Here it is (note things are not listed in any particular order)
1. red shoes

2.cinnamon- both the way it tastes and the way it smells. Yum!

3. snow- I love the OTHERNESS of snow. It is like going through the wardrobe and discovering that Narnia is actually your front yard.

4. rainy and cloudy weather AND chilly weather= cozy

5. green pants- especially army or olive green. I have no idea why but I just like them. actually, I like pretty much any clothing this color. Maybe because I'm a redhead and green just looks good on me?

6. reading- both kindle and books the old fashioned way

7. good photographs of myself-  um can you say..."narcissist"

8. sleep- duh, who doesn't love sleep

9. coffee- I like tea too but not that much. It is more like I WANT to like tea but tea is really coffee's poor second cousin or like the 5th season of 21 Jump street which sucked because neither Peter DeLuise or Johnny Depp were in it. Meaning it is still a caffeinated hot drink but without Tom Hanson in it.
Wait, what was I talking about?


Yeah, so that is my list for now. I actually like a lot of other things but it is late and I want to read (#6) for while before going to bed (#8) goodnight

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