Friday, March 23, 2012


I went into work tonight and filled in at the bar for about half and hour because the bartender was running late. During this time three guys came in. They were from out of town. I know this because they told me they were from out of town, Georgia specifically.
 I get them beer and talk with them for a minute or two. Guy #1 asks me to explain how to play Keno because apparently there is not Keno in Georgia (at least that was how he said it "I don't know how to play this, I'm from Georgia"). I spend a few minutes explaining the game to this guy and show him how to fill in the paper so that he can play. He loses his first game and wants to play again. He asks question after question about the payouts for each amount of numbers that can be played. I resist the urge to tell him that he is looking at the same paper as me with the payouts listed and patiently answer each question. I am pretty damn nice about it too.  Now he wants to play for a few consecutive games. He fills out the paper wrong and I fix it for him by filling out a new one.
At this time the bartender comes in. Because they are clearly going to be there for a little while (due to the consecutive upcoming Keno games and the fact that they said they wanted to start a tab) I just hand the tab over to Natalie and go out into the restaurant. 
Imagine my surprise later when I learn that that guy won something like $2500 on the ticket that I fixed and filled out for him. Did I find out because he was so grateful that he came over and gave me a big tip? Nope, although that certainly would have been appropriate and nice. Did I find out because he walked over to thank me for helping him and to share his great news? Nope! Although that too would have been way appropriate and also very nice. No, I ended up hearing later from the bartender that he won and then packed up and left.
It is not a big deal. I certainly don't think that he was under any obligation to come over and tip me (although that would have been awesome AND something that I would have done if it were me in his place) but I think that a thanks would have been nice. At the very least.
Anyway, congrats dude from Georgia. Keep it classy.

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